Software – MDS PulseNET™

With over a million and a half devices installed around the world and twenty-five years of experience, GE is aware of the challenges our customers face when it comes to effectively managing their communication networks. MDS PulseNET software provides the insight and detailed system performance allowing you to intelligently and proactively manage your radio communications network.
Covering GE's MDS wireless product portfolio, from data acquisition to  backhaul, MDS PulseNET is capable of creating, storing and software  trending derived metrics using built-in program logic. The raw metrics  collected from network devices must be correctly manipulated into  meaningful data before the information can be presented to the  end-user.
                            MDS PulseNET provides easy to review radio device performance screens showing the critical radio parameters such as: RSSI, SNR BER, Throughput, and Availability. This example shows the radio performance screen for an MDS Mercury 900
                                MDS PulseNET software is designed to monitor the critical elements of a communications network, from RSSI to SNR to device communication status. With vast amounts of raw data created and stored over time, it can be difficult to prioritize corrective actions. MDS PulseNET software provides warning performance thresholds that can trigger exception events, which in turn can trigger specific actions, such as sending messages to trouble ticketing systems or other management systems. Additionally, these event-triggering thresholds can be easily changed within the software to meet unique customer requirements.
For comparing and contrasting radio performance, MDS PulseNET provides the ability to quickly monitor the radio health for radio remotes including RSSI, SNR, and Roundtrip delay. In one view this table shows the current and historical performance for network remotes
MDS PulseNET software requires minimal effort to install and operate, provides pre-built specific device warning thresholds to eliminate the guesswork, and provides visibility into radio communications that have historically been unmanaged.
MDS PulseNET software provides multiple, concurrent, role-based logins through a web interface so that each user is able to see exactly what they need to fulfill their individual responsibilities. MDS PulseNET also provides the operator with immediate access to performance trending graphs through the same simple navigation scheme. It normalizes the views for disparate technologies into simplistic and easy-to-use dashboards. The main dashboard provides a high level status of each set of functional components being monitored.
Once your system is properly configured, it can automatically discover your network devices, assign licenses to the devices and begin monitoring the network.
                                Network devices are discovered and added to the table
Supports  MDS iNET and MDS Mercury Series wireless radios.

Out-Of-The-Box preloaded data collection settings with recommended alert levels.

Exception-Based Alert System via Color Coded Icons

Warns when out-of-bounds alert levels are exceeded

Intuitive and color-based icons provides rapid evaluation of alert

Single User Interface Installation Program Download                                      

Simplifies installation and reduces level of technical expertise

Upgrade Wizard for Configuration, Diagnostic and Firmware

Ease of configuration, device software & firmware upgrade

Consolidates Performance Metrics and Displays Via Device Dashboards

Intuitive graphical presentation of data and alerts

Automatic system discovery based on range of IP addresses

Simplifies network deployment

User ID and Password logins                                     User forced out when inactive for extended periods                                     Multiple Levels of User Access Control

Limits screen and configuration access by user type

Supports Polling of SNMP Version 1, 2c and 3                                     Network-wide Diagnostics – current and most legacy MDS devices

Built-in support for GE MDS proprietary communication protocol

Forward Alerts to 3rd Parties – SNMP Traps, API & Email

Capability to communicate alerts via multiple mediums

Remote Access Via Telnet, SSH and HTTP(S)

Several options to communicate remotely to network and devices

Enterprise Operations Capable

Allows multiple PulseNET Enterprise to operate as one regionally deployed network and for central console roll up

External Databases

Allows use of customer database or PulseNET supplied database

Self Monitoring

Self monitoring - providing complete end to end support

Supports Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) Protocol                                 Provides centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) management for network services
Configuration Management
Centralized Configuration Management

Streamline security, auditing, storage and controls

Schedule a global upgrade(s) or change to common models, specific networks, etc. Track and document changes to configurations
3rd Party Integrations
Allows customers to manage non MDS devices

GE will continue to incorporate additional Out-Of-The-Box 3rd party device as requested by customers

Customers can opt to incorporate non-MDS devices as a generic devices type for collections and reporting

Notification Application Programming Interface (API) to 3rd party manager of managers, I.e. HP, Quest, IBM, etc

Software communications via standard interface

Flexibility to use and interface with other manager of managers