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Since 1985, DriveSavers has recovered data from hard drives and other storage media that have crashed, mechanically failed, been physically damaged, infected by viruses and worse.

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DriveSavers has earned a reputation as the most advanced and progressive data recovery company in the industry. Their staff has extensive experience developing unique technology with major device manufacturers to give you the most accurate results possible. At DriveSavers, “We can save it!” is not only their slogan, it’s their solemn pledge. And their track record proves it. They’ve invested over 35 years and millions of dollars developing proprietary techniques and an advanced facility to save the most valuable data in the world – YOURS!

1. Call for a free estimate

 Call our data recovery advisors at 1.800.440.1904 seven days a week for a free estimate on any device that has experienced data loss. You will receive an estimate with a unique job number.

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2. Ship your device

Ship your device to DriveSavers Data Recovery. Upon setting up your job on the first call, we will email you a shipping label for sending your device to our Certified IOS 5 Cleanroom.

3.free evaluation

All devices received will undergo a free evaluation from our data recovery engineering team. This is done to determine the severity of the failure and complexity of the work involved to recover the data. A data recovery advisor will call you after the evaluation is complete with a firm, all-inclusive quote in writing that will never exceed the initial estimate you received when you first called in. If at this point you decide you don’t want to proceed, there is absolutely no charge.

4. data recovery

After you give the okay on proceeding with the data recovery, our data recovery engineers will perform the data recovery. In the highly unlikely event that your data is unrecoverable, we send the device back and you owe us nothing for the attempted data recvoery.

5. You receive your data

We ship your recovered data back to you on a new device. Every device that DriveSavers performs data recovery on falls under no data, no charge policy.

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Lost Your Data? We Can Save It!

You Are In Great Hands

They treat all of their customers like celebrities (and some of them actually are).


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